Efficiency 4.0

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Say goodbye to conventional automation and production control solutions!
Switch to real-time, fully automatic production tracking with the Efficiency 4.0 - Simon System.

Main benefits of machine monitoring

The monitoring of machines with OEE indicators was developed to make it simple, easy to integrate with ERPs and the most comprehensive on the market, putting the industries one step ahead of the competition, in an increasingly competitive scenario.

The main benefits include:


Better manufacturing efficiency


By reducing production waste, increase profits


Real-time visibility of the factory floor


Factory floor alerts and notifications


Improvement in company operator involvement

Data Analysis

Automated data collection and analysis


Customized Reports

Equipment efficiency

Greater overall equipment efficiency

How machine monitoring works

Data Collection

Collect data from each machine control and machine operator for the entire plant floor.


Access this data from anywhere, anytime, using Simon System's secure and optimized cloud application for mobile devices.


View data using real-time control panels on the factory floor that provide an instant indication if jobs are performing equally or below expectations (relative to Part Goal or OEE metrics).


Monitor machine conditions (failures, status, tool utilization), production (OEE, and Machine Utilization), work order status, quality tracking, and downtime causes that can be sorted or indicated by the operator.


Analyze your plant data using reporting features, including OEE reports, downtime, and quality Pareto reports that compare data by shift, machine, and individual jobs/parts.


Improve your team's ability to improve efficiency, quickly identify production bottlenecks, and measure the effect of process improvements.


Enable the digital transformation of your manufacturing operation with machine metrics monitoring and OEE software.

Efficiency 4.0 Features

Tracking Machine Downtime

Knowing why the machine crashed is critical to understanding downtime and machine usage-related issues. Having a touch screen on each machine with an intuitive interface that asks the operator to categorize downtime as it happens, allows this information to be made available in real time to managers in idle time Pareto graph formats. For situations such as tool changes or part changes, these machine downtimes can be categorized automatically from the machine data by the Efficiency rule mechanism.

Factory floor on-screens dashboards in real time

Real-time dashboards provide plant employees with the information they need to make improvement-driven decisions. Colors provide a simple, immediate indication whether the job is performing equally or below expectations (relative to target parts or OEE metrics) and is measured in real time. A dashboard is often installed on screen throughout the shop floor in each cell.

Alerts and Notifications

Whenever there is an interruption in any machine work process, a notification can be sent, providing managers (who may not be present on the shop floor) the information needed to take immediate action. Alerts and notifications are fully customizable, allowing you to notify the right person at the right time whenever a problem arises.

OEE Performance Report

Efficiency 4.0 software is a robust OEE solution that automates OEE report generation using scheduled machine availability, performance to meet optimal cycle times, and quality. Real-time OEE is available in a variety of reports, including real-time dashboards, background history reports that can be compared per shift, and when viewing individual work/part reports. OEE information is presented in a clear and understandable form, allowing managers to quickly identify issues down to the operation of a specific machine-part and help measure the impact of process improvements.